Travel Essay: Linderhof Palace - Home to Ludwig’s Dreams

Tucked away from view behind the deep green, fir-laden forests at the foot of the Bavarian Alps sits Linderhof Castle, the little known home to King Ludwig’s elaborate dreams of beauty, art and anonymity.

Upon entering, one immediately recognizes the same splendor of Ludwig’s larger palaces, the gold and stucco, the putty angels and Meissner chandeliers. But this one is special: Linderhof Castle exudes a level of intimacy unmatched in Kind Ludwig’s other grandiose constructions. The real difference to the better-known postcard-worthy palaces, of course, is that this comfy castle was actually his home for many years. It was here where Ludwig found solitude. It was here where he found time to dream. Big.

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Travel Essay: Pacific Palisades - “The perfect LA wedding”

As most culture-thirsty travelers would confess, the greater LA area is most certainly not on anybody’s go-to-list. From the endless traffic inching through shabby downtown neighborhoods, compressed by lingering and listless smog, veiling this less-than-picturesque city in a muggy cloud of Bla. Even the Hollywood sign – this phallic symbol of cinematic achievement – only appears miniscule in the hazy distance. Nothing, it seems, would entice the cultural treasure seeker, to pursue this city to satisfy their educational curiosity – nothing, but a wedding invitation to the Pacific Palisades.

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