Travel Essay: Pacific Palisades - “The perfect LA wedding”

As most culture-thirsty travelers would confess, the greater LA area is most certainly not on anybody’s go-to-list. From the endless traffic inching through shabby downtown neighborhoods, compressed by lingering and listless smog, veiling this less-than-picturesque city in a muggy cloud of Bla. Even the Hollywood sign – this phallic symbol of cinematic achievement – only appears miniscule in the hazy distance. Nothing, it seems, would entice the cultural treasure seeker, to pursue this city to satisfy their educational curiosity – nothing, but a wedding invitation to the Pacific Palisades.

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For San Francisco - Gate to Gold and Gangsters

One of the most beloved cities in the United States, San Francisco still lures travellers from around the world with its iconic row house charm, steep hills and trolley rides, and most of all its historic reputation as the golden destination for Western Frontiers.

Only the truest of adventurers or the lowliest of creatures, it seems, would have taken on the treacherous westward journey to pursue unlikely riches. But the magnetic charm of San Francisco defies such logic. Unlike success stories from the East Coast, based on hard labor and steadfast persistence, San Francisco’s tales of fortune allow for second chances and a portion of luck along the way. Here, they not only want money, they want freedom, too. If New York embodied the classic American Dream, San Francisco offered the Dream with extras.

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